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Video Geeks
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this community is meant for the video geeks of the livejournal world.
those who talk passionately of anything having to do with video and end up confusing the hell out of whoever they're talking to, those who stay up until 5am on their computer with adobe premiere and an extremely caffinated beverage, or those who feel the need to explain "inverse telecining" to everyone they know.
my goal for this community to be a forum for people to discuss and/or troubleshoot anything related to video, including but not limited to: production, direction, animation, cinemetography, editing, broadcasting, engineering, processing, compression, dvd, digital television, high definition...you get the drift. look at the listed interests to get a jist of what we're all about. most of the community members also know a thing or two about audio processing and engineering, so feel free to ask audio questions as well. if you've made or been involved in a short of any sort or something of the like, you're more than welcome to post it.

we're generally pretty happy to find that there are more like us, but we have a few rules that needs to be closely abided by...no blatantly pornographic material or anything on the front page you wouldn't want mom to see. if you have a video that you need to share that might give someone a stirring in their pants, give us a warning first. and this really should go without saying, but don't even bother posting any hateful material - it'll be removed as soon as i see or hear of it and you'll be removed from the community. you can attempt to run behind the first amendment, but it's still not tolerated here. enjoy, have fun, ad infinitum...
this community was created and is moderated by chrs